About Me

Hi everyone, Yael here.

Instead of elaborating too much, I will allow my jewelry do the talking.

The jewelry I make is homemade, with the same timeless tools that I started with 40 years ago when I was a young student at Bezalel studying goldsmithing.

My deep love for silver can’t be easily described in words. Every knock.. Every new engraving.. All of these diligent actions provide me with a sense of satisfaction and artistry that is channeled into my work. In some of my jewelry, I combine other materials. One example of this is my use of leather, a material that provides a great contrast to the silver as well as highlighting the jewelry.

I kindly ask that you feel free to contact me on WhatsApp. I will answer any and all of your questions about my jewelry. Additionally, if you find yourself in the Raanana area, I’d love to meet for coffee 🙂

My Instagram and Facebook are regularly updated with new jewelry and promotions galore.

If you made it this far with me, I thank you! Reach out to me about whatever piece you feel connected to and I’m more than happy to tell you its story and intention behind it.

62 years old.

Silver-Smith more than 35 years

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A signature and a standard in all of my designs
Yael G.

At-Home Jewelry

My work table is located right next to my bedroom. Working from home allowes me to express my passion All The Time.

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